Rescue-mattress (RescmR23)




Rescue-mattresses, also known as Evacuation Sledges, have been special designed for the downward emergency evacuation of a person who suffers from a mobile impairment, such as a physical or mental disability or injury.  They are ideal for use on stairways and provide a cost-effective and comfortable evacuation solution.  They have been used for many years in hospitals and care homes to transport patients to a place of safety.  The types we sell ate ultra-modern and user-friendly.  Although they are very easy to use would still highly recommend that anyone responsible for using this equipment is professionally trained, as this will guarantee that best practise guidelines are followed and any user is made aware of possible complications.

This device consists of dual inner foam, lower layer firm to ride over any surfaces, carpets, concrete or any bumps like stairs and an upper layer for patient comfort. There are safety belts and a foot pocket to hold the patient in place, pulling loops at each end and a tough slippery coated bottom side. The loop at the head end is to hold back when descending stairways. One or two people required. The whole item is stored in a pouch and can hang on the wall.

The UK Government has legislation in place to cover discrimination and equality, and all businesses are required to comply:

This product is available is two colours, blue or red.  Our prices include FREE UK Delivery.

You may wish to consider one of our practical rescue-sheet training courses which will show you how to safely use this equipment in an emergency situation.

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