Evacuation Chair (LG M23 Tracked)



An Evacuation Chair is a specialist piece of equipment that has been professionally designed and built with the sole intention of assisting with the evacuation of a person who suffers from a mobility impairment, such as a physical disability, mental disability or injury, in an emergency situation.  All businesses are required by law to have provisions in place to make the prospect of a safe escape an equal reality regardless of  one’s ability to move or be moved freely and easily.

The UK Government has legislation in place to cover discrimination and equality, and all businesses are required to comply:

The LG M23 Tracked Evacuation Chair folds neatly for easy stowage and can be easily assembled and ready for use in no time at all, ready to tackle the stairs and transfer evacuees to a place of safety.  This is a simple, lightweight products and extremely user-friendly and provides a secure experience for both the user and occupant alike.

Our prices include FREE UK Delivery.

You may wish to consider one of our evacuation chair training courses which will show you how to safely use this equipment in an emergency situation.