About Evacuation Chairs (London)


Our mission

Evacuation Chair London was established by Environmental Handling Systems, which has been trading since 2004.  Our mission is to provide emergency escape equipment and the required training to use such equipment to businesses in and around the London area.

Our Services

Supply of evacuation equipment

We are dedicated to providing only the best, and most popular, essential emergency evacuation solutions for individuals with limited mobility. As a trusted resource, we offer a comprehensive selection of evacuation chairs and rescue sheets designed to ensure the safety and swift evacuation of people facing mobility challenges. Our commitment lies in equipping your space with high-quality, UK-compliant products that not only meet legal standards but also prioritize the well-being and safety of all individuals in emergencies.

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Evacuation chair training courses

A tracked evacuation chair is a specialized mobility device equipped with tracks, allowing it to move safely over stairs and uneven surfaces during emergency evacuations. Designed for individuals with limited mobility, it provides a secure and efficient means of transporting people downstairs, ensuring their safety in the event of a building evacuation.

We provide professional, fully certified evacuation chair training courses to businesses of all kinds across the UK.  Our courses teach your staff how to safely use the equipment when required to do so during an evacuation.  Our training is backed up by 20+ years of experience within this industry.

Rescue sheet training courses

A rescue sheet is a specialized device designed for the safe evacuation of individuals, particularly those with limited mobility, during emergencies. Typically made of durable materials, it aids in the horizontal movement of people and features a thick foam mattress (with a smooth-gliding underside), safety harnesses, and ergonomic design for comfort and security during evacuation.  We provide professional, fully certified training courses to businesses which teach staff how to safely and effectively use the equipment.

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